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Processing of peat and sapropel is used to obtain any new product with required properties. In particular, so-called humates or humic fertilizers, are obtained from this raw material. What are humates (humic fertilizers) They use humic fertilizers to stimulate plant growth. At its core, humates are organic substances. The processing of peat, sapropel, brown coalRead More

Microcement is a material used to strengthen structures made of stone and concrete in order to increase their strength and water resistance. In fact microcement is crushed clinker with additives. Depending on the original components, there are different types (brands). Also the brand is determined by the particle size distribution. With the addition of waterRead More

Currently, the worldwide tendency is such that cements with a high content (more than 35%) mineral additives are replacing traditional pure Portland cement, such as blast furnace slag, silica fume, fly ash, limestone flour, natural and artificial pozzolana. The expediency of increasing the share of mineral additives in cements does not raise doubts for cementRead More

Livestock production generates large amounts of liquid manure, which may contain a variety of pathogenic microorganisms and helminth eggs. If such manure falls into the environment without preliminary treatment, it will cause epidemics among the local population. If there is no prompt response, the epidemics can spread to the neighboring towns and villages. The microorganismsRead More


  THE INFLUENCE OF DISPERSION ON THE COMPONENT COMPOSITION OF PEAT, HUMATES, SAPROPEL Increasing of earth fertility in agricultural sphere is an essential condition for agronomy, it increases yield, improves soil and has important environmental value. For its part, there is no worthy alternative of peat replacement for large-scale improvement of agrotechnical nature of soil.Read More

For the first time, The Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of North Macedonia is involving private companies to help find a solution to the problem of removing hexavalent chromium from the local waste dump. For the last four decades, more than 2 million tons of waste, generated by Jugochrom factory, were simply stored withRead More

Manure treatment in a small pig farm The manure processing on a small livestock farm is very differently equipped, and uses different materials, etc. The traditional system for manure processing is simply not available to small farms due to small amounts of manure. 1 Therefore, manure is often taken out manually and folded outside withoutRead More

Amsterdam hosted the largest water resources convention in the world, Aquatech-2019 on November 5-8. This year’s exhibition gathered participants from more than 147 countries, while the number of specialists attending, including the participants, exceeded 27000. GlobeCore presented one of the latest developments, a wastewater purification complex based on the vortex layer ferromagnetic layer machine. ThisRead More

The most important stage of preparing heterogeneous catalysts for carbon nanomaterial (CNM) is their activation, which is understood as a complex of physical influence on the catalytic material, which allows to significantly increase the efficiency of nanostructure synthesis. This can be achieved by researching mechanical (dispersion) and physical (electromagnetic and ultrasonic) activation methods. One ofRead More

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition. This event is biannual, and this year will be hosted by Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky on 1-3 October. The exhibition focuses, among other things, on electric power transmission and distribution, wastewater treatment, naturalRead More



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