Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The volume of toxic waste has been growing in recent years, and the environment cannot cope on its own.

Large amounts of contaminants enter the environment with wastewater, including toxic ions of heavy metals. Reagents are used to purify wastewater and decontaminate concentrated solutions (electrolytes etc), neutralizing them and causing sedimentation of heavy metals with an alkaline agent. This method does not allow to achieve the required purity of the water, while generating solid insoluble waste, which is difficult to recycle.

To address the large number of issues related to resource saving and environmental protection from wastewater contamination, is the development of new technologies using compact wastewater treatment systems. In this case the complete treatment of wastewater containing heavy metals is more efficient. Instrument, chemical, engineering and other industries generate a lot of wastewater with heavy metal compounds.

The specific peculiarities of the vortex layer are well suited for treatment of wastewater containing hexavalent chrome and other heavy metals, which allows to significantly reduce the consumption of reagents, improve purification and make the process continuous.

Ferromagnetic particles inside the chamber of the AVS magnetic mill perform intensive stirring of reagents in the chamber. The impacts and friction pulverizes the materials to colloidal particle size. The resulting colloid metal is good reduction agent. At the same time, hydrogen forms due to electrolysis of water in the vortex layer. Both factors have significant impact on hexavalent chrome and other metal reduction. This ability allows to significantly reduce the amount of iron sulfide for chrome reduction and completely reduce chrome by the colloid metal and hydrogen alone.

The process in the AVS magnetic nano-mill lasts only a fraction of second, making the process continuous.

Intensive mixing of reagents and the influence of electromagnetic fields, as well as dispersion of the compounds makes the formed metal hydroxides more finely dispersed than the product of mechanical agitation mixers.

Mechanical devices require large footprint and significant invesment. The duration of the cyclic process while using this method is 30 to 120 minutes.

On the contrary, the AVS magnetic mill unit to remove chrome from wastewater by chemical reduction in alkaline media is equipped only with tanks for iron sulfide and lime milk with portioning pumps, one AVS mill and a filter or a waste collection vessel.



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