Oil wastewater treatment on board ships and in ports

oil wastewater treatment

Oil wastewater treatment. Oil waste represents a great danger to waterways. It often spills into the environment in the form of liquid petroleum whenransported by sea, causing pollution.

Most modern ships have special equipment that processes oil  contaminated water. The process of cleaning water and removing oil generates waste, sent to offshore or port facilities. As you can see, existing solutions are not autonomous, and require fuel reserves for transportation, as well as finances

The use of wastewater treatment plants on site eliminates these shortcomings, as well as reduces the demurrage of ships in port.

Oil wastewater treatment. Electromagnetic nano-mill (AVS)

Wastewater containing oil can be purified by physical, chemical or biological methods. A combination of these methods gives better results, using heavy and bulky equipment for treatment with high operating costs. Another solution is offered by GlobeCore, the electromagnetic nano-mill (AVS) for oil-containing wastewater treatment at ships and port facilities.

These devices were developed in the 1960s-1970s as activators and enhancers of various technological processes. But unfortunately, they have not received widespread acknowledgement, due to the lack of full scientific explanation of the physical processes that lie in the base of their operation.

When viewed in the context of wastewater treatment the AVS provides:

  • Intensive mixing using hydrodynamic factors, and geometric parameters
  • Electrochemical and electromagnetic activation of substances;
  • Phase dispersion.

GlobeCore commercially produces electromagnetic nano-mills AVS-100 and AVS-150 and has successfully tested this equipment in treating wastewater of various origins.

Compared to the existing equipment for oil containing wastewater treatment on board ships and in ports, AVS has the following advantages:

  • Low weight and small dimensions;
  • The ability to adapt to any pumps;
  • A wide processing rate



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