Improving the Cracking Resistance of Concrete Using Electromagnetic Nano-mill


For more than 100 years, scientists around the world explored the cracking resistance of concrete. The central scientific problem of this research is to establish the patterns of crack development and their effect on the bearing capacity of the element. There are two types of cracks typical for reinforced concrete structures:

The first type of cracks is associated with plastic properties of concrete.

These cracks appear during the hardening process and during long-term processes (such as creeping) of concrete or with changes of ambient temperature;

The second type of cracks, which inevitably occur during use of reinforced concrete elements under the influence of permanent and temporary loads. Today it is generally accepted that crack formation and further shear fracturing of the protective layer are the main factors that determine the durability, reliability and load-bearing capacity of concrete elements.

With time the cracks cause a sort of “domino effect”: corrosion in the crack zone of reinforcement becomes more intense, such phenomena generate pressure on the protective layer, it breaks down, the crack widens, the corrosion increases, and it is an endless circle. Moreover, the intensity of the degradation process increases nonlinearly.

It has been established that the use of nano-additives and magnetization of water can increase concrete cracking resistance. The use of AVS-100 (150) electromagnetic nano-mill by GlobeCore allows to simultaneously magnetize mixing of water and concrete and stir the raw concrete components more thoroughly.

Increasing the cracking resistance can be achieved by selecting the optimum length of time for magnetizing the water and the percentage of nano-additives. Therefore, the main problem in this case is to find the correlation that ensures maximum strength. The table below shows the increase of concrete strength with nano-developed additives and magnetizing water for five seconds.

resistance of concrete

Fig. 1. Resistance of Concrete. The strength of concrete on magnetized water (to = 5 c) with nanofiber additives

The graph above clearly shows the increase in strength. It is achieved by the electromagnetic nano-mill, which improves the quality of the concrete mixture.



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