Drilling Fluid production with the GlobeCore AVS-150

drilling fluid

GlobeCore’s engineers have recently tested the New AVS-150 Vortex Layer Device’s ability to produce High Quality Drilling Fluids.

A special drilling fluid is always used when drilling a well for oil or natural gas. The drilling fluid is usually made immediately before the extraction of the oil or natural gas. The use of a quality drilling fluid resolves many production problems, from filtration and cleaning of the well, to drilling safety issues. Use of a high quality drilling fluid, therefore, is required in any modern drilling operation.

drilling fluid

To make the proper drilling fluid emulsion, GlobeCore engineers used a carbon based composition of diesel, with the density of 835 kg per m³, water, and the following concentration of other components per one cubic meter: 20 liters of Emultal emulsifier, 12 kilograms of organophilic clay, 20 kilograms of limestone and 90 kilograms of salt rock. In other words GlobeCore Engineers produced a high quality, water-based drilling fluid also known as Water Based Fluid (WBF).

When making the WBF solution, GlobeCore Engineers tested the fluid with a viscometer for plastic viscosity and with a filter press for filtration and crusting at 7 atmospheres of pressure for 30 minutes. Lastly the fluids were tested for density and electrical stability.

Test results

We received the following results:
Plastic viscosity, cPs PV – 11 (centipoise);
Filtration, cm3 Фani – 3,8 (cm³);
Electrical stability, V – 429;
Density, kg/m³ – 940.
The production rate of the AVS-150 is 2 to 2.5 m³/hour.



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