Microcement: production on vortex layer devices AVS (nanocement)

Microcement is a material used to strengthen structures made of stone and concrete in order to increase their strength and water resistance. In fact microcement is crushed clinker with additives. Depending on the original components, there are different types (brands). Also the brand is determined by the particle size distribution.

With the addition of water to the binder, a liquid suspension is formed. The ratio of water to cement varies from 0.7 to 8 units. Due to its high fluidity, the suspension can be used as an analogue of water, glass or polymer liquid.

Stone, concrete and reinforced concrete constructions have multiple pores and cracks,  which are introduced by the suspension. This approach makes it possible to strengthen the structures, since microcement is made from ordinary Portland cement and the mineral base guarantees the compatibility of the suspension with the material to be strengthened.

Benefits of using microcement

Let’s consider what is the advantage of using microcement:

  • the service life of the fortified structures is practically unlimited
  • the transition of ordinary soil to the state of soil concrete or rocky soil after strengthening with a binder;
  • high water resistance of compacted soils and concrete structures;
  • environmentally friendly and safe product;
  • high compatibility with concrete; homogeneity with cements;
  • ease of preparation of suspension and spraying of injections;
  • economical consumption of material by regulating the water-cement ratio;
  • the ability to carry out operations with a binder at subzero temperatures – from – 10 0C (using warm water and insulation of hoses);
  • ensuring the strength of the foundations without negatively affecting the structure of the foundations of structures.

Microcement production technology. GlobeCore equipment

Vortex mills are used to produce finely ground material such as microcement. GlobeCore company developed and produced equipment operating on the principle of changing one type of energy to another under the influence of an electromagnetic field.

These are vortex layer devices – AVS-100 (AVS-150).The design of the installation consists of a working chamber in which ferromagnetic elements move randomly under the action of a rotating magnetic field. In addition to particles, materials in the device can be crushed using knives, tubes or a rotor. Carbon steels, nickel or any other metals with ferromagnetic properties are used as materials for grinding elements. The units are equipped with a cooling system and a control panel.

The GlobeCore company produces vortex devices of various designs and capacities. As well as laboratory versions for research and development activities and the production of new materials.



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