GlobeCore In The Media: the Cement Americas Magazine

The new issue of the Cement Americas Magazine came out in September 2018. The magazine published an article by Frank May, GlobeCore service engineer, titles The Promising Application of Vortex Layer Devices with Ferromagnetic Elements for Cement Improvement.

The article discusses one of the main reasons for cement deterioration which increases cement consumption and includes an analysis of equipment currently available in the industry for final pulverization of cement to improve its activity (such as various mills and dispersers). The author demonstrates how the currently existing mills are not always able to ensure the required results while consuming excessive amounts of electricity.

The alternative is the AVS vortex layer device. Mr. May describes the unit’s principle of operation and the results of practical trials for a concrete sample made from cement with and without AVS treatment. The results conclusively demonstrate the advantages of using these devices for activation and improvement of cement strength.

See the full article here (in the original language).



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