The Use of Vortex Layer Devices for Decontamination of Liquid Pig Manure

One of the major problems of livestock industry is the accumulation of large amounts of liquid manure.  Manure processing and subsequent disposal technology depends on the pig farm cleaning methods.  Nowadays, water wash is most often used in practice, which is characterized by the occurrence of low-concentration manure effluent, the volume of which is 4-5 times more than the volume of the initial material. Processing costs also grow proportionally.  At the same time it extends the life cycle of various infectious diseases and helminth eggs, which requires effective ways of disinfecting the resulting manure.

Traditional approaches are used mainly for litter manure and are unacceptable for liquid effluent in terms of economy and sanitary, because they can cause mass spread of infectious diseases of humans and animals.

The use of magnetic fields for liquid pig manure treatment gives the highest technical and economic effect resulting from the absence of necessity to use reagents, reduction of the amount of deposits and efficient treatment facilities operation.

Manure which has been disinfected in such a way meets all environmental requirements and can be successfully used as an organic fertilizer.

Technically, disinfection of pig manure is performed in special AVS-100-type vortex layer devices.  By means of selecting the optimal mass of ferromagnetic elementsin the active zone of the machine, as well as adjusting the ferromagnetic particle length to diameter ratio, it is possible to achieve optimal performance of disinfection.



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