Electromagnetic nano-mill for decontamination of liquid pig and cow manure

Livestock production generates large amounts of liquid manure, which may contain a variety of pathogenic microorganisms and helminth eggs. If such manure falls into the environment without preliminary treatment, it will cause epidemics among the local population. If there is no prompt response, the epidemics can spread to the neighboring towns and villages.

The microorganisms in liquid manure that can cause the greatest danger are infectious agents such as:

  • Salmonellosis;
  • Leptospirosis;
  • Brucellosis;
  • Anthrax and others.

Now the livestock farms use the following method for deteсting pathogenic microorganisms in liquid manure. The manure is kept in special containers for the incubation period (5 days) of the most dangerous pathogens. If during this time there was no outbreak, the manure can be placed in permanent storage, and used for composting. Otherwise it goes through a decontamination process.

The traditional methods do not always give the desired results. Therefore, GlobeCore offers the equipment for decontamination of liquid pig and cow manure: an electromagnetic nano-mill (AVS).

The AVS regrinds manure particles to less than than 1 mm, destroys weed seeds, pathogens and helminths and their eggs.

Experimental studies confirm that the use of electromagnetic nano-mill for disinfection of liquid manure:

  • Achieves complete decontamination and cancels manure quarantine period;
  • The manure can be used as fertilizer straight after treatment;
  • Ensures a high level of manure homogenization, reducing the costs of storage, and ease of loading and further use.



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