Manure treatment in a small pig farm

Manure treatment in a small pig farm

The manure processing on a small livestock farm is very differently equipped, and uses different materials, etc. The traditional system for manure processing is simply not available to small farms due to small amounts of manure.

1 Therefore, manure is often taken out manually and folded outside without any system or transported at best to the fields. This applies only to the manure of cattle and poultry. Manure from pig farms can not be used at the fields.
The above mentioned AVS treatment of wastewater, in general, is designed for large farms. However, this method can also be used on a small farm. For example, a small farm has about 500 pigs. It is equipped with a high pressure washing of manure and a reservoir with a pump, that forms 3-5 m3 of sewage a day, which is exported 2 to 3 times a week to random places. Sewage is not analyzed, their consistency varies within a wide range The manure processing provides:
  1. Neutralization of manure.
  2. Separation of water and solid fraction.
  3. solid manure fraction is stored on a solid manure pad for drying and subsequent use as a fertilizer.
  4. Draining of purified water into a receiving pit  for organic irrigation.
  5. Reduction of transportation costs.
The scheme of the technological line is shown in Fig. 1  


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