Production of coal-water slurry fuel with AVS

Electromagnetic field energy unit

A high price of traditional fuel (gas and heating oil) encourages to search for new cheaper fuel to reduce the cost of thermal energy. One of the most promising new products is coal water slurry fuel – a mixture of coal particles (fraction 1 … 70 μm), water and reagent. It is characterized by a good heating value and a high degree of combustion.

Advantages of coal-water slurry fuel

  • ignition temperature is 800-850 ° C;
  • combustion temperature – 950-1150 ° С;
  • calorific value – 3700-4700 kcal.
  • efficiency of carbon combustion  is 99%;
  • lower cost;
  • harmful emissions to the atmosphere are reduced;
  • fire and explosion-proof.

Preparation of water-coal fuel

Coal-water slurry fuel is produced from coal which has a high content of volatile substances. It is delivered to an open platform, then a front  loader feeds it into a receiving hopper of a grinder. Coal can be ground by ball mills, roller mills and hammer mills. Practically each of these mills is a complex and bulky equipment, that uses a lot of power. This calls for new and more efficient grinders for preparation of coal water slurry fuel.

Why AVS?

The design of the first AVS was proposed in the 60s of the last century. This device is an induction motor, that has an operating chamber instead of a rotor. The device is connected to a three-phase electric power that creates a rotating electromagnetic field of the industrial frequency. The material and  ferromagnetic elements are fed into the operating chamber. They begin to rotate and collide under the influence of electromagnetic field and other factors (high local pressure, electrolysis, acoustic impact, etc.), causing intensive dispersion and mixing of coal-water slurry fuel components.

An AVS unit doesn’t have the disadvantages of traditional industrial mills that have large overall dimensions and low energy efficiency. In addition, AVS can be integrated into existing lines for coal-water slurry fuel  production without significant changes and costs.

Test results of AVS-150

GlobeCore conducted studies of coal grinding and subsequent preparation of coal-water slurry fuel on AVS-150. The tests showed the following results:

  • re-grinding of 10-15 mm coal to coal dust not exceeding 300 μm;
  • re-grinding and mixing coal with water;
  • careful mixing eliminates a plasticizer;
  • AVS-150 approximate capacity for water-coal fuel production is 3 m3 / h;
  • energy consumption is 9 kW / h per metric ton. This indicator for a vibrating mill is 55 kW / h;
  • calorific value of produced fuel is 42,000 kcal.

Thus, it is possible to produce water-coal fuel on AVS-150 using cheap coal slurry, which is as good at heat transfer as gas or heating oil and more economical than they are.

AVS can be used in:

  • preparation of fuel for combustion;
  • preparation of coal-water slurry fuel;
  • co-combustion of coal and biomass.

Contact us to leave an application for purchase of AVS for the of coal-water slurry fuel production.



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