Ways to Improve Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment. The environmental issues of industrial wastewater treatment are becoming more and more important. This is due to the growing  pollution of water and air with the continuous increase of industrial wastewater volume and the tremendous growth in clean water consumption. This demands the development of new effective methods and equipment for water purification.

Experts estimate that  since 2000 the wastewater discharge in the US and Germany exceeded hundreds of millions of tons per year .

Such scale of industrial wastewater generation and the growing rate of water consumption need to be addressed by finding solutions in clean and uninterrupted water supply.

For example, chemical industry wastewater poses a significant risk to the environment, and the urgent problem is the development of efficient equipment for wastewater treatment.

The research of domestic and foreign equipment showed that the most promising are the electromagnetic nano-mills (AVS).

These devices can be installed in new and existing process lines. The processes and effects that occur in the chamber of the AVS unit provide a more efficient treatment of wastewater:

  • Vigorous stirring;
  • Dispersing;
  • Electromagnetic acoustic processing;
  • Electrolysis.

Application of the AVS in industrial wastewater treatment reduces the amount of reagents used, reduces the footprint of treatment facilities, and speeds up the reaction proceeds.

GlobeCore successfully tested the AVS-100 and AVS-150 units in treatment of wastewater of different origins.

Contact us at one of our contacts and we will advise you on retrofitting the AVS in existing treatment lines, or creating a new treatment facility based on the AVS unit.



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