GlobeCore in the press : “Industrial WaterWorld” magazine

The fifth issue for 2017 of “Industrial WaterWorld” magazine published an article entitled “Decontamination of Oily Wastewater Using Electromagnetic Vortex Layer Devices”.

The article analyzed the main directions of cleaning and neutralization of wastewater containing oil, and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. Also the article described  the principle of  operation of electromagnetic vortex layer devices with ferromagnetic particles, that have proven themselves in efficiently treating wastewater of various origins.

The article explored the possibility of using electromagnetic vortex layer devices for cleaning wastewater contaminated by petroleum products directly on ships and crafts. It established that the electromagnetic vortex layer device AVS produced by GlobeCore can easily be integrated into the existing ship systems. Wastewater treatment through the proposed technological scheme ensures the complete decontamination with the elimination of all possible waste.



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