Ultra-fine milling and mixing, mechanical activation of granular materials

Cement Grinding in Ball Mills and Vortex Layer Devices

Cement and concrete are the second most used substances in the world, after water. On average, the per capita consumption of cement is one ton. This material is widely used as a binder in the production of concrete, reinforced concrete and various construction mixes. The demand for cement in construction of new buildings, repairs andRead More

Dry Construction Mix Modification

Methods of Dry Construction Mix Modification

The high quality of the modern construction mixes is impossible without using special modifying additives. They allow to adjust the properties of the material, making solutions with the required qualities for use in any (even extreme) conditions. A relatively large amount of such additives is available in the market today. These are mostly surfactants, electrolytes,Read More

Quartz sand pulverization

Quartz is a natural mineral. It is widely availalbe and has several important properties: high strength, resistance to destruction and high sorption capability. Quartz can be a part of other minerals, making its content in the planet’s crust above 60%. It is mostly used as sand in industrial applications. Fine pulverization of minerals allows toRead More

Regrinding wood flour

Wood flour is a powder consisting of particles the size of hundred microns, and obtained by pulverizing sawdust. The area of application of wood flour is rather wide This material is used in the preparation of phenolic plastics, alkyd linoleum, filter elements and explosives. In smaller amounts wood flour is used in the manufacture ofRead More

Application of AVS for mixing of granular materials

The characteristics of ferromagnetic particle vortex layer allow the use of this device for mixing of various granular materials, using less energy compared to other methods and equipment, as well as preventing separation of the blend. Numerous efforts of engineers and scientists in the area of equipment and method development for mixing of granular materialRead More



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