Modification, activation, desintegration of solid and liquid materials


Intensive dispersion of solid material with simultaneous particle activation can be applied in paint production and laquer production. Iron oxide pigments, for instance, can be dispersed to the size less than 20 micron in 15-60 seconds in the AVS electromagnetic mill; in a ball drum, the same process takes several hours. Paint Production in AVS TheRead More


Quartz and quartz sand are natural materials. There is a lot of quartz in the Earth’s crust, and the material has several important properties, such as high mechanical strength and adsorption capability. Quartz can be a part of other minerals, bringing its content in the Earth’s crust to over 60%. It is mostly used in theRead More

Advantages of GlobeCore Magnetic Mills in Processing of Diamonds

Diamonds that are mined from Earth’s interior can be divided into two groups: industrial and jewelry. Industrial diamonds can be of high and low quality. High quality industrial diamonds are used in drill bits without preliminary processing. Low quality industrial diamonds require some manipulations to be done that can split the diamonds according to theirRead More

Grinding (Crushing) of Fluoroplastics

Fluoroplastic – is the general name of fluorine-containing polymers. According to the existing classification, substances of this class include: polytetrafluoroethylene; polytrifluorochloroethylene; polyvinylidene fluoride; copolymers of fluorinated ethylene. Fluoroplastics have an excellent chemical inertness towards corrosive media. The exceptions are molten alkali metals and chlorine trifluoride. Fields of Application of Fluoroplastics Due to its physical andRead More

Vortex layer device for fine-dispersed chalk production. Grinding process

Chalk regrinding in the vortex layer device These devices – are a complex interaction between the particles, that are a result of rotating electromagnetic field, fluid and processed material. The process of grinding and mixing is speeded up. The grinding effect is determined by the nature of the movement of ferromagnetic elements in the workingRead More

AVS Application in rubber production processes

A daily sediment of kaolin suspension prepared in the AVS in 5 minutes is only 5%, whereas a similar suspension, prepared in a ball mill in a four hour process, separates completely. A suspension of carbon black does not separate after a one minute processing in the AVS. At the same time, a similar suspensionRead More



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