Advantages of GlobeCore Magnetic Mills in Processing of Diamonds

Diamonds that are mined from Earth’s interior can be divided into two groups: industrial and jewelry. Industrial diamonds can be of high and low quality. High quality industrial diamonds are used in drill bits without preliminary processing. Low quality industrial diamonds require some manipulations to be done that can split the diamonds according to their shape and size, as well as strength characteristics. In particular, we are speaking about selective crushing, ovalization, polishing and thermal processing.

Selective crushing of diamonds can be implemented through the influence of mechanical stress, which destroys the weakest grains. The main disadvantage of units that operate based on the mechanical method is the uneven distribution of the breaking stress, which has an impact only on some parts of diamonds. Therefore, upon completion of the process the outgoing material may still contain some weak grains. In addition to that, the mechanical method of processing diamonds does not provide a high efficiency of the crushing process.

The GlobeCore AVS vortex layer unit eliminates the mentioned disadvantages in selective crushing of diamonds. The principle of operation of the unit is as follows: feedstock is fed into the cylindrical tank of the unit. The inductor creates a rotating electromagnetic field. The ferromagnetic particles, which interact with the rotating electromagnetic field of the inductor, are also placed together with the diamonds in the working chamber of the apparatus.

Processing of the diamond feedstock in the vortex layer of ferromagnetic particles can reduce the number of large and increase the number of small diamonds. Moreover, there is a significant increase in the strength of the processed grains and their ovalization.

Vortex layer devices are characterized by a high reliability of their performance and can be easily installed in industrial facilities that have no special foundations. Proper placement of the device (sequential, parallel, and other) enables you to get virtually any efficiency of the diamond selective crushing line.



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