Vortex layer device in production of unfired anhydrite binding material

Plaster industry now makes products based on plaster binding materials. In practice such materials are made by low-temperature firing of natural material to calcium sulfate hemihydrate. At the same time, unfired plaster binding materials and gypsum cement are not often used. The main factors limiting their use is the need for lengthy milling (for unfired binding material) and high energy costs (for gypsum cement).

Recently, GlobeCore has achieved a lot in the area of process intensification, which allows to return to the idea of using unfired binding material in construction.

The results of GlobeCore engineering department research show, that the disadvantages of unfired anhydrite binding material can be resolved by using an AVS-100 vortex layer device (magnetic mill).

GlobeCore devices pulverize anhydrite stone by ferromagnetic elements, not only increasing the mean surface area of the binding material, but also to improve particle imperfection.

In the GlobeCore technology, the duration of the influence of the forces created by the ferromagnetic particles on the pulverized material and the frequency of application of such forces. The intensity of pulverization is directly proportional to the force and frequency of its application, and is inversely proportional to the duration of force application.

Scientific literature shows the results of the research into the influence of natural material pulverization duration in AVS-100 vortex layer devices on the properties of the anhydrite binding material (Table 1).

Table 1

Influence of anhydrite stone pulverization duration on its properties

Process duration, seconds Remaining, %, on sieve No Passed through the sieve, % Mean surface area, cm2/g
02 008
30 18.1 12.7 69.2 2615
60 11.2 4.0 84.8 3700
90 2.7 3.7 93.6 3955
120 1.5 3.2 95.3 4545
150 1.2 2.3 96.5 5150
180 0.9 2.4 96.7 5600
210 0.8 2.0 97.2 6085

The table shows that the increase of processing duration also increases the mean surface area of the product (from 2615 to 6085 cm2/g). To compare: similar grinding fineness in ball mills is achieved only after 5 – 8 hours of the process.

Therefore, the GlobeCore technology makes the production of unfired anhydrite binding material promising due to rapid pulverization of the natural material in vortex layer devices. The significantly shorter processing time allows to reduce energy costs as well. The unfired anhydrite binding material made by GlobeCore production line, can be used for:

  • Production of small scale wall components;
  • Production of brick mortar;
  • Construction of seamless self-leveling floors;
  • Production of artificial marble;
  • Production of combined anhydrite binding materials.

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