Using the vortex layer devices to improve marine fuels

The first mention of adding water in internal combustion engines dates back to the end of the 19th century. Many studies have been performed since then, which indicate that adding water to fuel is, in fact, possible and leads to the following:

  1. Intensification of fuel combustion;
  2. Reduction of incomplete combustion product and nitrogen oxides in engine exhaust.

The quality of water used to make water-fuel emulsions has a direct effect on the wear of the fuel system components. This calls for systems which not only process the fuel, but also treat water before mixing. This is achieved by vortex layer devices, which can disperse the components.

A vortex layer device is a tube made of non-magnetic material, where a rotating magnetic field is created. The field interacts with the ferromagnetic elements. The latter create a vortex while moving. Several effects occur in the active chamber of the device, which can deform crystal lattice of solid material, significantly increase chemical reactivity of substances etc.

Using vortex layer devices allows to introduce up to 7% water into fuel.

Using vortex layer devices allows to introduce up to 7% water into fuel. Mixing occurs on molecular level, making the product resistant to separation and extending storage life to at least 5 – 6 months.

Yet another advantage of using these systems is the large amounts of heat generated in the process of operation. This heat can be used to warm up the fuel and water before mixing.

It should be noted that the process of water-fuel emulsion preparation by vortex layer devices can be used for other fuels beside maritime, such as boiler and heating fuels.

However, note the following. While the vortex layer device is operating, the collisions of the ferromagnetic particles inside the active chamber cause them to wear and chip. Particles of metal in maritime or heating fuel is not acceptable, so special magnetic strainers must be used.

GlobeCore offers inline magnetic strainers made especially for use in water-fuel emulsion production lines, based on AVS-100 or AVS-150 vortex layer devices. Magnetic strainers of custom size can also be manufactured for other industries and applications.



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