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GlobeCore at Aquatech-2019

Amsterdam hosted the largest water resources convention in the world, Aquatech-2019 on November 5-8.

This year’s exhibition gathered participants from more than 147 countries, while the number of specialists attending, including the participants, exceeded 27000.

GlobeCore presented one of the latest developments, a wastewater purification complex based on the vortex layer ferromagnetic layer machine. This is a new wastewater treatment technique that generated considerable interest due to the following advantages:

  • reduction of chemicals used in the wastewater treatment process;
  • increased rate of processing (mixing, settling etc);
  • reduction of purification facility footprint by eliminating large mixers;
  • reduction of power consumption.

Participants from various countries, who visited our booth, noted the practicality of the technology to address the issue of effluent purification in leather production, electroplating, agriculture, petrochemistry etc.