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Globecore Participates in a Vital Project in North Macedonia

For the first time, The Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of North Macedonia is involving private companies to help find a solution to the problem of removing hexavalent chromium from the local waste dump.

For the last four decades, more than 2 million tons of waste, generated by Jugochrom factory, were simply stored with no further purification. The most dangerous poison, 100% concentration of Hexavalent Chromium, was flocculated and formed lakes a couple of meters away from the Vardar river, which supplies water to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

The residents of the surrounding areas are naturally alarmed: the water is poisoned; the soil cannot be used for agriculture. But the local community has no other source of water.

GlobeCore’s partners, the company SULA DOO KICHEVO, represented by Mr. Djevit Suloski and Mr. Stanko Illik Popov, a chemical engineer, initiated an Environmental Impact Assessment study into this problem. As a result, a series of tests were undertaken, and Vortex Layer Technology was tested and proved its high efficiency.

In the near future, the first process line that includes a Vortex Layer Device by GlobeCore will be installed at the Ferro-chromium dump in the Republic of North Macedonia.

This project makes us proud to be working at GlobeCore!

We will keep you posted on the results.