GlobeCore magnetic strainers to capture metal in food production

One of the possible applications of vortex layer generators is the processing of liquid phase and heterogenic systems. This equipment allows to intensify processes in various industries: food production, chemical, microbiological, petrochemical, etc.

The principle of vortex layer device operation is based on chaotic motion of ferromagnetic elements in a rotating magnetic field. A layer forms inside the device’s active chamber, called the vortex layer. In this layer, the input material is intensively stirred and pulverized with uniform influence of the electromagnetic field, acoustic vibrations and high local pressures.

The research performed by GlobeCore specialists shows that vortex layer devices can be successfully used in food production. Some of the possible applications are:

  • Mayonnaise and high-nutrition sauces;
  • Flour products;
  • Fruit juices;
  • Vegetable oil etc.

The vortex layer generators improve the consumer qualities of the product, reduce the time it takes to make it and extend storage life. However, the ferromagnetic elements are subject to wear in the process of operation. Presence of metal particles in food products is unacceptable, hence the development of magnetic strainers to capture them. These strainers efficiently and continuously remove ferromagnetic particles from food mixtures, effectively stopping them from getting into the final product.

GlobeCore offers inline magnetic strainers for metal capture, made specifically for use in food production lines with AVS-100 or AVS-150 vortex layer devices. On client request, it is possible to make magnetic strainer of custom size for other industries and applications.



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