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Dry construction mixtures

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Mechanical activation,mixing, milling and grinding with One Unit

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    The Vortex Layer Device, or the AVS unit, has been tested in various industrial facilities. Practice shows that AVS efficiently replaces such devices as ball, vibration, hammer mills, various pulverizers and dispersers. AVS units are used as reactors, mixers etc.

    The use of AVS in production of various construction materials, such as nano-modified concrete, finely dispersed cement, extra-strong silex bricks, dry paint pigments etc, is very promising.


    What does the unit offer?

    • - improve the quality of final product
    • - increase product yield
    • - reduce production time and energy consumption
    • - simplify production process
    • - make you more efficient day by day

    Pulverizing solid materials: portland cement

    The main feature of the AVS devices, while pulverizing solid materials, are the multiple and frequent shocks and friction forces, which does not only cause pulverization of solid particles, but also activation of their surface due to deformation of the crystal lattice.

    Since cement hydration begins on the surface of cement particles, the total area of the particles defines the amount of material which can be hydrated. Therefore, the rate of hydration depends on the particle size, fine grinding being necessary for quick increase of strength.

    To confirm this, we experimented by atomizing 400 grade Portland cement for use as an additive in quick settling cement mix for high vibration and dynamic forces. In this test we used 500 grams of 400 grade Portland cement, pulverized by steel ferromagnetic elements for 30 minutes.

    As a result, the treatment of cement/concrete on AVS allows to:

    • - reach 15-25% of cement economy
    • - increase concrete strength in 2-3 times
    • - reduce concrete primary crystallization time up to 4-6 hours (i.e. in 4-6 times)
    • - obtain monodisperse fraction 0.5-10 micron 45-50%

    Pigment milling

    Grinding of 400 grade portland cement


    Fine-dispersed chalk production

    Vortex layer devices intensify the process of obtaining fine-dispersed chalk and receive high quality products. Devices are reliable and can be easily installed in the premises without special foundations. When choosing a particular arrangement (in sequence, parallel, etc.), almost any production line for fine-dispersed chalk could be achieved.

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    Using AVS allowed to reduce foaming agent consumption by 10%, lime consumption by 2%, without making the product heavier.The specific weight was reduced, while strength to weight ratio increased. The quality of foamed concrete can be increased by processing the lime-sand or cement-sand mix in the vortex layer to activate SiO2.

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    Tests show that the samples prepared using only magnetic water, are 20-25% less durable. This is due to the improved quality of mix preparation in the vortex layer. Additive content over 1% shows decrease of strength, both flexing and compressive. The use of modified concrete allows to reduce metal amount per structure and to reduce costs

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    Silex Brick


    The strength of the brick are directly correlated to the activation of SiO2 and uniform distribution of the components. Lime and sand mix was sifted through the AVS-100 unit. It is interesting that such brief processing (fractions of a second) did not cause pulverization of sand and lime.

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    The vortex layer devices have one important advantage: they can easily be retrofitted into the existing production lines to improve product quality. Research shows that it only takes 2 minutes to pulverize 200 g of quartz sand to 1 micron in the electromagnetic mill, using 300 grams of 3 mm ferromagnetic particles.

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    Intensive dispersion of solid material with simultaneous particle activation can be applied in paint production and laquer production. Iron oxide pigments, for instance, can be dispersed to the size less than 20 micron in 15-60 seconds in the AVS magnetic mill; in a ball drum, the same process takes several hours.

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    Reason to choose our product

    Germany Invariable German quality
    Pig Up to 30% budget savings
    Smile Shipment protection system
    Timer Fast production
    Discount Flexible discounts
    Shield Anti-corrosion and protective coatings
    Warehouse Stock equipment available from storage
    Tools Service centers on four continents
    Sorbent Worldwide sorbent change service. Optional equipment for used sorbent reactivation

    Extra services

    • - Personnel trainning
    • - Commissioning
    • - Our technician can travel to your location for start-up and commissioning of the unit
    • - Shipment assistance.
    • - Special devices to protect the cargo from vibration, capsizing etc

    How we operate

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    Production of your customized equipment
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