Automatic addition of ferromagnetic particles into the active chamber of the vortex layer device

The electromagnetic vortex layer devices were first developed in 1960s. In these devices, a complex interaction between the ferromagnetic particles, liquid and the processed material occurs, accelerating the processes of mixing and pulverization. Besides, vortex layer devices can successfully be used as reactors.

GlobeCore manufactures AVS-100 and AVS-150 vortex layer devices. In essence, the equipment is universal for many applications, such as:

  • Bone meal production
  • Mayonnaise production
  • Vegetable processing
  • Vegetable oil purification
  • Intensification of flour-based product production
  • Purification of waste water contaminated by chrome and other heavy metals
  • Biodiesel production
  • Preparation of water-fuel emulsions
  • Decontamination of hog manure etc.

The pulverization effect depends on the nature of ferromagnetic element motion in the active chamber of the device. It can be achieved both by free collisions of particles with ferromagnetic elements and by collisions between two elements or between an element and the inside wall of the chamber.

In course of operation of the vortex device, the ferromagnetic particles are subject to wear, reducing their quantity and the efficiency of material processing. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the required amount of the ferromagnetic particles in the chamber during operation. This must be done continuously, because stopping the production line every time when the amount of the ferromagnetic elements drops below some critical level is usually physically impossible.

GlobeCore has developed and manufactures special components to measure the amount of ferromagnetic elements inside the active chamber of the vortex layer device and add more elements should the amount drop too low. The optimal amount of ferromagnetic elements is different for each process, the critical low level is also different. It can be selected on the control panel.

Beside manufacturing of vortex layer devices, GlobeCore also supplies active chambers and ferromagnetic elements worldwide.



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