Advantages of GlobeCore Vortex Layer Device (Magnetic Mill) for Wastewater Cleaning

Despite of all the efforts to achieve progress in  improving the environment is not yet possible. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new high-performance solution for treating sewage of industrial enterprises.

Existing wastewater treatments are not always able to remove all hazardous chemicals. GlobeCore specialists conducted a number of studies confirming that – using physical fields is quite a promising approach to cleaning and disinfection of wastewater.

GlobeCore has developed and produced vortex layer units using the energy of rotating electromagnetic fields for industrial wastewater treatment.

This device consists of an inductor, a working chamber and ferromagnetic particles (needles). The working chamber is a smooth tube, inside which there is a rotating electromagnetic field, induced by inductor. Ferromagnetic particles entering magnetic field, themselves become magnets. Needles begin to rotate, but their movement is constantly disturbed by collisions with each other and with the walls of the working chamber and particle materials. It is the energy and movement of ferromagnetic particles that has a great influence on the course of technological processes. Also, the needles cause an acoustic wave, and liquid – the phenomenon of cavitation. This makes it possible to achieve a number of effects:

  • Destroy solid mass;
  • Emulsify liquids;
  • Paint dispersing;
  • Change the course of chemical reactions.

In an external alternating magnetic field, ferromagnetic particles acquire a certain charge, which continuously changes. If there is water in the working chamber or other liquid, it causes electrolysis. And due to the large number of needles electrolysis occurs substantially throughout the working chamber of the machine.

The processes occurring in the working chamber of magnetic inductor are:

  • Restoration of compounds;
  • Oxidation;
  • Partial decomposition of water (ionization);
  • Metal depositions in a form of the solution as a hydroxide;
  • Partial decomposition of organic compounds with complex polyatomic molecules;
  • Disinfection of water.

Combination of these phenomena in a relatively small workspace is capable to  accelerate all mechanical-physical and physical-chemical reactions in hundreds of thousands of times, which is equivalent to a proportional increase in productivity of a production  line.

GlobeCore Vortex layer device magnetic mill AVS-100/150 clean waste water, which include nickel, lead, chromium, copper, iron, manganese and other heavy metals, as well as phenol, tianity and cyanates, nitro compounds, arsenic, organic connections, etc.

Studies have shown that the use of GlobeCore vortex layer devices in production lines for industrial wastewater treatment allows you to:

  • Reduce power consumption 2ce;
  • Reduce reactants used 2-10 times;
  • Reduce temperature of the reaction;
  • Reduce the area of wastewater treatment plants by 10-15%;
  • Speed up chemical processes to hundredths of a second.

Types of wastewater, for vortex layer device magnetic mill AVS-100/150.

Wastewater treatment from hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals

Using vortex layer devices to treat this type of wastewater can make it a continuous cleaning process. Recovery of chromium lasts no longer than a second, which improves the overall performance of the processing line. Deposition of the solid phase particles after the reaction goes 1.5-2 times faster than in conventional devices with a stirrer. Furthermore, when processing vortex ferromagnetic particles layer can be obtained more dispersed metal hydroxides.

Wastewater treatment from phenol

When using magnetic mill AVS 100/150 in technological lines in wastewater treatment from phenol – it is possible to reduce operating costs. Full cleaning is achieved within 0.1-2 seconds at the current temperature of wastewater from 20 to 45 ° C. The corresponding figures of traditional approaches are 3-5 hours and 95-100 ° C, respectively.

Wastewater treatment of cyanide compounds

The vortex layer machine oxidise cyanide and decompose it to carbonate and ammonia in one step in an alkaline environment at pH 9-10.

Also, the benefits of magnetic mill AVS-100/150 – the quality achieved is not based on its concentration in wastewater.

Wastewater treatment from fluorine and nitro compounds

In the case of wastewater with fluorine content of nitro compounds – the use of vortex layer devices significantly simplify technological lines and improve the quality of cleaning. The control measurements showed that the output of the magnetic mill AVS fluorine concentration in the wastewater does not exceed the limits.

GlobeCore equipment performance in this case is about 30 000 m3 / h per 1 m3 of working volume. Traditional performance of reactor cascade does not exceed 0.25 m3 / h per 1 m3 of the working volume.

Wastewater treatment from arsenic

The magnetic mill AVS-100/150 totally clean wastewater from arsenic in 1-5 seconds. Thus reagent consumption is reduced in 3-5 times compared with conventional technologies. In addition, the use of vortex layer devices helps to make the process continuous and significantly simplifies the process diagram.

Wastewater treatment in enterprises, specializing in the production of fodder yeast

To date, for disinfection of sewage of industrial enterprises specializing in the production of fodder yeast, used mainly biological methods. But they are not without certain disadvantages, which are  non-compliant to the existing degree of disinfection of the current regulations, have large operating costs and power consumption.

Using vortex layer apparatus can accelerate physical and chemical processes of mash treatment, due to the intensive mixing, dispersing, acoustic and electromagnetic treatment and electrolysis.

Magnetic mill AVS-100/150 gives better quality of cleaning compared to industrial fermentors oxidant even with a smaller air flow



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