Biological treatment of wastewater. Bioplatо

Bioremediation is a promising treatment of wastewater of different origins. Generally, a wastewater treatment plant is a complex engineering structure. In this article we will examine one such plant: a floating bioplato.

A bioplato is used for post-treatment and treatment of industrial wastewater, utilities, and surface water run-offs. It almost doesn’t require chemical reagents; it involves minimal costs and minimal maintenance.

The “bioplato” technology uses natural processes of self-purification, which occur in aquatic and semi-aquatic systems and are performed  by higher aquatic plants: reed, cane, weed, mace and others.

These plants are responsible for the following functions:

  • Filtering and creating conditions for sedimentation of harmful impurities;
  • Absorption of biogenic elements and organic matter;
  • Accumulation of certain metals and non-biodegradable organic substances;
  • Oxygen saturation of water during photosynthesis;
  • Detoxification of toxic substances.

The main disadvantage of phytotechnologies is the need for large areas compared to the structures for mechanical and chemical-biological treatment, which occupy small areas. In autumn and winter the performance of bioplato is somewhat reduced, but the quality of treatment does not deteriorate and the treated water can be discharged into natural water bodies.

Monitoring the performance of an operating bioplato shows that natural shrubs and higher aquatic plants form a balanced ecosystem and do not require artificial control. The situation is different when using bioplato for industrial wastewater which contains heavy metals and toxins. There is a risk of secondary contamination of water there, and bioplato operation becomes much more complicated.

The main advantages of phytotechnologies are low cost, no electricity, ease of construction and virtually no need for maintenance by operating personnel.



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