Automatic reagent feeder for vortex layer device waste water purification systems

GlobeCore develops, manufactures and installs waste water treatment systems based on the vortex layer devices. The main feature of these devices is the comprehensive effect on the processed materials, including intensive mixing and dispersion, acoustic and electromagnetic influence, friction, high local pressures, electrolysis etc.

The above increase the efficiency of waste water treatment: reduces energy costs, reagent consumption, as well as equipment footprint.

Using the reagents facilitates precipitation of solved or dispersed contaminants from water. For best results, the reagents are injected into the waste water in the exact required amounts. Overuse increases process and equipment costs significantly.

The waste water treatment systems operating based on the vortex layer device, the significant economy of reagents is achieved by employing a special component which automates their supply into the process. This device measures acidity, flow and the percentage of metals in the incoming and the outgoing streams. Based on the data, the following actions are performed:

  • The amount of reagent supply is adjusted
  • Reagent supply changes depending on the current process indications and control inputs
  • Incoming stream flow rate is adjusted;
  • Drain into a reserve settling tank in case of peak contamination or flow rate increase beyond the capability of the equipment;
  • The flow is distributed among several vortex layer devices.

Output of statistical data on waste water parameters is also possible.



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