Successful tests of Vortex Layer effectiveness during manure odor neutralization and waste disinfection

GlobeCore engineers have investigated effectiveness of Vortex Layer Devices for wastewater treatment and Manure Odor Neutralization.

We received a lot of questions from our clients regarding possible ways of AVS unit application in the agricultural sector. This article focuses on these issues.

We have run purification of pig and cattle feces from collibacillus, proteus, streptococcus, staphylococcus, bacteroides and helminthes.
The process was performed in a AVS-100 unit (laboratory scale system).

500 gram samples of cow and pig feces were used in the experiment, divided into 250 gram portions. Samples 1P and 2P (pig), 1C and 2C (cow).
The experiment was performed in two stages, increasing sample processing time.

For all samples, 250 gram of feces were placed into the reactor with 200 gram of ferromagnetic elements (FE), diameter 3 mm, length 18 mm, SH15 steel.

Sample processing durations were 2 and 5 minutes for the first and the second samples respectively.

According to the report prepared by the “Zoo-hygiene and veterinary support of processes in hog production”:

  • After processing of the first sample (2 minutes), the percentage of helminthes dropped by 31%, collibacillus (Endo agar) by 65%, proteus by 70%, anaerobic by 27%, staphylococcus by 80% and complete removal of bacteroides.
  • After processing of the second sample (5 minutes), the percentage of helminthes dropped by 53%, collibacillus (Endo agar) by 94%, anaerobic by 91%, staphylococcus by 80% and complete removal of bacteroides.


manure odor desinfection

To confirm the results, we will run additional tests on lab mice, adding an extract of the process samples into their water.

Full video-report you can find here

Five days after contamination, we collected droppings of the mice and sent the material for laboratory analysis to test for helminthes larvae. The laboratory tested six samples, of which two samples were taken from mice, contaminated by extract of hog and cattle feces without processing of the material in the vortex layer system, our control group, two samples with 2 minute processing time of initial material and two samples with 5 minute processing of initial material.
Helminthes larvae was detected in droppings of control group mice
Samples with 2 minute processing duration were also contaminated by larvae
No helminthes larvae was detected in samples, obtained from initial materials processed for 5 minutes.
According to these results, it can be concluded that the report presented by the “Zoological hygiene and veterinary processes in hog production” has been completely confirmed.



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